The weather may not exactly be wall to wall sunshine, but the signs of spring are ever more present! The Wild Garlic is starting to break through, the Primroses are becoming more abundant, and there are even the first signs of the Bluebells coming to life.

The mice are still waiting for enough snow to fall for them to have a ball, and their thoughts have turned to what the feast may include.  Basil will no doubt have his cellar prepared for the occasion, and all the mice will be helping in the kitchen to make the pies and puddings to adorn the table. 

The mice spend a lot of time snuggled up in their houses at this time of year.  They have bedrooms and bathrooms, kitchens and sitting rooms, larders and attic.  They have fresh running water in abundance which is collected at the top of the tree trunk in a large storage tank, and this is heated by the fire in the kitchen range.  The chimneys are also hidden away in the sides of the trunk so that wood smoke from the fireplaces can drift discreetly away, out of sight of human eyes.

There is a wonderful sense of community within Brambly Hedge, and all the mice will work together, whatever the task and whatever the weather.  There are so many traditional values that the mice embrace in order to build and maintain this community, some of which are lost more often than not in our modern world. So next time you need a little cheering up, why not offer a helping hand to a neighbour who needs you, pretend you’re in Brambly Hedge for a while, and you’ll find a sort of happiness that can’t fail to make you smile ?! It won’t be long until the days draw out and the sun will start to warm our hearts and hedgerows, so we have that to look forward to as well!

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Brambly Hedge Team