The dry weather continues, and the mice of Brambly Hedge have been spending their days down by the stream in an effort to keep cool.  The fair weather has meant frequent trips to visit the mice by the sea, as the sail downstream has been an easy one.  The lack of a breeze has meant that sailing home has taken a while, but the mice have enjoyed spending their days on the water.  There is plenty of sea salt to go round as it has been drying out quickly in the heat of the day.

The turbulent weather at the end of July meant that a lot of crabapples fell from the trees.  Although many are not ripe, they appear to be in abundance and hopefully it is a sign of a good harvest to come.

Poppy Eyebright has been struggling to keep the butter and cheeses from being spoilt by the warm temperatures, and Basil too has spent many hours rearranging his beloved bottles in the reeds to keep them at a refreshingly drinkable temperature.  The Elderflower champagne has been enjoyed by the older mice over the summer months, whilst the younger mice have enjoyed the cordial version!  As the Blackberries begin to ripen, the mice are starting to look forward to the rich harvest ahead of nuts, seeds, berries and fruit.  The hours spent harvesting will be long, but the rewards will be very tasty indeed!

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The Brambly Hedge Team