The sun has brought us some long awaited warmth, and the hedgerows are looking much better for it!  If anything, a drop of rain wouldn’t go amiss but we won’t complain!

The wild garlic has subsided now, and the foraging mantle has been taken on by the Elderflowers.  The fragrant flowers make one of the best known cordials, and the sweet, golden syrup is not only used in drinks, but also for cooking in cakes and puddings.  Once any remaining flowers die back, the mice can begin to feast on the berries, which also make excellent jelly!

The mice have been keeping cool by spending the afternoons down by the stream, snoozing in the shade, and by dangling their tails in the water.  The flour and dairy mills continue to run throughout the summer, but the mice get up early to try and get the majority of the work done before it gets too hot.

In the palace kitchens, cool, summery foods are being made such as cold watercress soup and fresh dandelion salad.  The wild strawberries are also in abundance at the minute, and they’ll be eaten fresh, but also preserved as jam for the long winter months.

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The Brambly Hedge Team