What a long and soggy winter it has been.  Not much to write home about in terms of frost or snow in the southern parts of the UK, but the few days of sunshine that have made an appearance have been very welcome!  

There is no doubt that the coming months will be challenging for many different reasons, so it is vital that we embrace as many light, happy and sunny moments as possible, even if it is in the form of an instagram picture or a glance out the window.  

If the mice of Brambly Hedge were faced with a crisis, their answer would probably be to bake bread and cakes.  If you’ve never really had a proper go at baking before, it’s never too late to start, and there is something very comforting about taking the time to put some basic ingredients together.  The smell of fresh bread is like no other and a basic cake mixture can support an extraordinary amount of weird and wonderful ingredients that you may find at the back of your store cupboard!  If you’re stuck in isolation at the minute, why not dig out the apron and mixing bowl and see what you can create-we’d love to see the results (however good or bad!)

Many people have also expressed how they find baking therapeutic, and even if it takes your mind off your worries for twenty minutes, that has to be a good thing.   

Down in Brambly Hedge, it’s probably business as usual.  The violets will be being candied, and the picnic baskets dusted off, in anticipation of the warm days and picnics that will ensue.  The primroses have been abundant for some reason this year so lets hope the bluebells are too as they are always such a beautiful sight.

We’ll do our best to feed our social media with pictures and messages to make you smile over the coming months, so if there’s something specific you’d like, just let us know.

With love from the mice of Brambly Hedge x