This time of year can be challenging for us all, and in 2021 it all seems rather relentless. However, nature and the habitats that surround us can offer a tonic that will help us through these tough times.

The streams and rivers are overflowing onto the sodden landscape, fields become lakes and the plummeting temperatures freeze the surface to icy landing strips for the birds. Winter can offer us so much. The countryside liberated of its leaves, skeletal and honest. Looking out the window as I write, the reds and purples of the apple tree bark look stunning in the bright frosty morning. Apple trees are utterly joyful, the blossom, the bark, and of course the fruit make them a must for any garden. So if you need some distraction from the current situation, you could do a lot worse than researching apple trees varieties, and ordering one to plant in the coming weeks. A potted plant on a windowsill can bring as much joy, and may just help us through the monotony that can set in during lockdown.

For those who find Winter less appealing, there are signs of hope! The snowdrops have pushed through and are just coming into flower. The tips of the daffodil stems have breached the soil. Winter may not have brought us the worst it can bring, but there is a little more light in the evenings, and the sun is heading north for those living in the northern hemisphere!

It has been lovely to hear lots of you discovering Brambly Hedge for the first time over the festive period. The new 40thanniversary editions are a great addition to our book range, and Jill’s illustrations look better than ever thanks to a change in paper and print over the previous editions. We have really enjoyed seeing all your photos of the new anniversary books on our social media accounts. Do keep tagging us @bramblyhedgeofficial and by using #bramblyhedge.

We are very excited to announce that we have new translation editions due to be published in Japanese, Italian, Russian, Hungarian, and Slovakian in 2021. Many of you have been asking for updates on new Brambly Hedge ranges…and we have news! A new babywear range will launch in 2021, as well as a new line in greetings cards. We will keep you posted via our social channels when we have further details.

For the moment, let’s make the most of the view out of our window, the space around us, and the small glimpses of brighter days ahead.

Wishing you all a happy and healthy Winter.

Brambly Hedge Team