We’ve had some very autumnal days in the past couple of weeks, but the very soggy ones have been counteracted by the glorious sunshine.  The combination of chilly nights, and even the first frost, have meant that the sunny mornings have been truly magical, and the stunning sunsets that are accompanied by a rapid drop in evening temperatures have reminded us that summer is over.

For the early risers, there is something very special about that first hour of sunlight in the morning.  You have to wait for the sun to come up, but as it does so, the hedges come to life, the steam starts to rise from the dew-laden grass, and the light catches every droplet of water that is clinging to the cobwebs, leaving you with a wondrous display of the glistening architecture.

The Blackberries are on their way out now, but some can still be found in the shadier spots.  The Hawthorn berries are looking radiant, and are a great source of food for those preparing for the colder winter months.  More often than not, something beats us to it at the cobnut tree as there are hundreds of nibbled carcases strewn all over the floor, but at least the mice and squirrels are having a feast!

If you can find time, have a closer look at the illustrations in Autumn Story.  All of Jill’s illustrations are botanically correct as she spent many, many hours researching everything that she drew.  Her attention to detail though, of the autumn colours, is very special, and her imagination went wild when she envisaged the Store Stump and all that it contained.  Autumn and Spring were her favourite seasons because of the wonderful changes that the hedgerows and natural world embraced, so let’s celebrate all that she loved in her memory, and take a little time to enjoy the wonders of the changing seasons, especially while the fine weather lasts.

The Brambly Hedge Team