We are all steadily adjusting to the new ‘normal’ in terms of daily life, but still find ourselves searching for as many ‘old normal’ ways to retain our sanity.  Thankfully, Brambly Hedge is still alive and well, and we’re so enjoying celebrating our 40th anniversary.

The second half of the year is where the concentration of the activity will be, with the first notable date being 3rd September 2020 when the new ‘Complete Brambly Hedge’ will go on sale.  The stories inside are still the same but we have refreshed the covers, and changed the internal paper for something a little more traditional, and similar to the original books that were first published in the 1980’s; there is something extra special about a book that even ‘smells’ right!  The Complete Brambly Hedge is available through our website or from Amazon for just £19.99 (https://amzn.to/3fUOkcW).

The new audio books are now on sale (https://amzn.to/31L5TqI), and the audio CD will be released on 20thAugust.  These stories have been refreshed as well with some really beautiful new sound additions which will help you immerse yourselves even further into the stories.  Many a family have told us how the audio CD has saved the day on a long car journey, but why not play them at bedtime and follow the story with the book as well?!

If the above wasn’t enough for the refresh programme, all the individual stories and slipcases will be bearing new covers over the remainder of this year and in to 2021, but we’ll share those with you in due course. 

As for the hedgerow itself, the blackberries have started to ripen, and the sloes are abundant, as are the crabapples.  The harvest looks very promising, and Mr Apple is very busy in the Store Stump, cleaning out the pots and jars, and dusting down the shelves, in preparation for the coming months.  Wilfred has been helping him and has enjoyed nibbling on the last few candied nuts and sugared violets!  The mice that live by the sea have enjoyed the strong sunshine as it has helped them dry out the salt pans, and it has been so hot that they have managed to make more barrels than usual.

For now, the fine weather has been very welcome, and most afternoons have been spent paddling and dabbling in the stream, whilst the elder members of the hedgerow have snoozed in amongst the long grasses.  It won’t be long before we’re all complaining about the rain!!