Brambly Hedge 2023 Calendar


The 2023 Brambly Hedge Calendar has arrived! The new calendar features twelve illustrations from the Brambly Hedge books, one for each month, keeping your wall seasonal throughout the year.

The calendar includes notable dates and previous/next month for each page, and it also has a prefixed hole drilled for hanging.

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From the chill of Winter through to the first growth of Spring, through the warm lazy days of Summer, to the storms and colour of Autumn, back round to the Midwinter celebrations in December. The Brambly Hedge calendar will see you through the seasons.

Illustrations included: January: Keeping Warm By The Fire

February: Inside The Store Stump

March: Wilfred And His Sling

April: The Weaver's Cottage

May: Lady Woodmouse

June: Poppy And Dusty Announce Their Engagement

July: Sailing Down The River

August: Summer In The Meadow

September: Blackberry Picking

October: The Palace Kitchen

November: Watching For The Snow

December: Winter Ball

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